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⦁ Brand: Cameron
⦁ Article:1136
⦁ Color: black
⦁ Weight: Weightless
⦁ Durability: best
⦁ Trend: ascending
⦁ Feature 1: Breathable
⦁ Feature 2: waterproof
⦁ Walk: sweat free, Relax, comfortable
⦁ Season: summer/autumn/spring
⦁ Use case: Formal/casual/Indoor/Outdoor



  • 100% Pure-Leather: CAMERON Shoe upper, inner lining, insole and outsole are all made of finest leather.A rarity in the world of shoes. Poor-quality shoes consists of rubber, CAMARON are made of leather.
  • Hand crafted: CAMERON 100% PURE-LEATHER shoes are handcrafted, using one of the oldest methods of traditional footwear manufacture.
  • Durability: CAMERON combined with proper care, guarantees durability and strengthened.
  • Comfortable feeling: It was very difficult to create a comfortable feeling in your shoe, but CAMERON properly solve this issue for you by smooth and soft sole. You can walk, run and hike with ease and comfort.
  • Foot health: CAMERON attains the proper temperature inside your shoes by our designs.
  • Quality of life: CAMERON 100% PURE-LEATHER shoes improve the quality of life of their wearer.
  • Breathability: CAMERON first-class footwear consists of high-quality leather. This natural and breathable material promises great air circulation. Moist feet are almost impossible.
  • Price: Quality shoes come at higher price, but CAMERON strictly manage it for you at best price as we can.
  • Way of delivery: From the production stages through to delivery, CAMERON work hard to maintain sustainability and transparency.



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